Bitches we usually spay from the age of six months for the following reasons:

  • To prevent them from coming into season on average twice a year and the associated problems of having them trying to escape when in season to try to find male dogs.
  • To prevent them becoming pregnant with unwanted litters.
  • To prevent false pregnancies.
  • To prevent life threatening womb conditions (pyometra) occuring later in life.
  • To reduce the chances of developing mammary tumours in old age.

We feel that a bitch does not develop fully until she reaches six months of age, however different breeds can require longer to develop. If you feel that you cannot manage neutering at six months please discuss the alternatives with us

Sometimes a bitch can become slightly quieter after spaying and some bitches can put on a little weight. We have found that the ones most at risk from the latter are ones that are already a little overweight before spaying. A diet before the operation may sometimes be needed

Dogs If you are considering having your dog neutered we would be pleased to discuss this with you. We usually recommend your dog is at least six months old before castration, or at least cocking his leg to mark his territory

Cats we usually neuter anytime after 5 and a half months of age. Neutering of male cats reduces wandering and risk of them becoming involved in road traffic accidents and cat fights with the risk of absecesses and life-threatening viral infections developing.

Female cats can produce several litters a year, and are generally such good mothers their own health can suffer. Finding homes for their many kittens is also very challenging.

Rabbits can be castrated and female rabbits spayed. Tumours of the womb are common in female rabbits later in life and spaying can help prevent these occuring.

Neutering operations need to be booked a few days in advance. Animals are checked and admitted on a weekday morning, but if this is difficult for you we may be able to keep your pet in from the evening before if you ask us in advance


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