Bio Security

We advise on the control, prevention and eradication of all cattle disease such as

  • BVD

  • IBR

  • Johnes

  • T.B.

  • Leptospirosis

  • Neosporosis

  • Crypyosporosis

  • Coccidiosis

  • Calf scours

  • Pneumonia control

  • Tailored advice such as “What to test that new stock Bull for” before he arrives

  • Advice on re-stocking and farm expansion to avoid importing disease onto the farm

  • Disease free status testing and certification for A.I. station bound animals

  • Work Shops for Farm Groups can be tailored to deliver new world class ideas and knowledge around disease control


Parasite Control

  • Laboratory Diagnosis and full advise facility to logically and rationally deal with internal and external parasites such as liver fluke, rumen fluke, worms, lice and flies.


Fertility Advice

  • Routine Pre-breeding scanning

  • Routine early pregnancy diagnosis

  • Herd fertility programmes

  • Problem cow identification

  • Herd problem solving

  • Ability to apply whole farm knowledge to problem solving

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