Professional Dog Grooming Service

A Full groom includes

  • Bathing twice with appropriate shampoo and conditioner if required.Posh Pets salon in Kinsale has a specially designed doggie hydro bath, which offers a whole new way to bathing dogs. Excellent for heavy & double coated breeds. The water penetrates deep into the coat, flushing out all the dirt and any dead undercoat, with very little effort. The ultimate doggie bath!
  • Blow drying and grooming through, to remove any knots, tangles and dead undercoat.
  • Clipping nails as required, including dew claws. Nail grinding also available to smooth any rough edges
  • Clipping, trimming, scissoring & styling coats to a high standard. Including hand stripping for the more natural look. Restricted to curtain breeds and coat types only.
  • Checking and cleaning ears, removing hair from inside if necessary
  • Basic health check, looking for any sign of fleas, ticks warts lumps and bumps. Teeth and gums will be checked for signs of tartar build up, discolouration and decay.
  • Emptying of the anal glands if necessary
  • Coat conditioner & cologne to finish
  • Posh Pets offers a cat grooming service.

Riverview puppy grooming service

  • We also offer a puppy grooming service. Just make sure your puppy has all his/her vaccinations first, and then they are very welcome to the salon, where they can be introduced to Susan and the salon environment for the first time.
  • Puppies aged between 4months up to 7months are classed as puppies at Posh Pets.
  • It’s recommended that your puppy is introduced to salon grooming as soon as possible, especially the breeds that have a high maintained coat.
  • Such as poodles, Shih Tzu’s, westies and double coated breeds such as Samoyeds, Japanese spitz and not forgetting the breeds that do not naturally moult and require regular grooming at home and professionally in a salon. Breeds like the Tibetan terrier and the soft coated wheaten terrier, Bichon Frise’and of course all the poodles.
  • Puppies can be bathed and their ears can be plucked and cleaned if necessary, the nails usually need a trim. And some breeds may require the hair trimmed away from their eyes and hygiene areas to keep them clean.

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